Training to Cycle

When she is not working, Becky Catino, former president of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation, enjoys cycling. As an experienced cyclist who has traveled overseas for cycling competitions, Becky Catino recognizes the importance of a disciplined training regimen.

Experts recommend that cycling training programs should be cyclical, incorporating muscle breakdown, recovery, and progression. Utilizing these elements, along with a sound nutrition plan, will help a cyclist to challenge and push herself so that she can reach her goals.

In order to become faster and stronger, it is important for a cyclist to push her body past previously defined limits. As the comfort zone is breached, muscles begin to break down and change, enabling the cyclist to conquer tougher courses at faster speeds.

After these tougher workouts, sufficient recovery is essential. During this time, muscles start to adapt to the new pressures placed upon them. Recovery days can be spent with a shorter, easier workout or even a complete rest. If too little time is dedicated to recovery, a cyclist will experience decreased performance, potential injury, fitness level deterioration.