Hiking Tips for Beginners

The former president and co-CEO of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation, Becky Catino now focuses on community involvement and philanthropy. In addition to her daily work, Becky Catino enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking.

Hiking is an enjoyable outdoor activity and also an excellent form of exercise. For beginners, however, it’s important to become familiar with the process of hiking and everything it entails before venturing out on difficult trails or multi-day excursions. Here are two tips that those new to hiking should heed when first starting out.

For the first few hikes, it’s important to select a short, manageable trail. The average person moves at a pace of about two miles per hour on a trail. Beginners should use this gauge when determining the length of trail they would like to traverse. Only once they become more experienced at hiking and can develop a sense of their own limits should they attempt longer trails.

Secondly, hikers should not hike alone. This is doubly important once beginners graduate to more intermediate trails that involve overnight camping. They should also consider hiking with companions who have more experience, as they can offer helpful tips and advice, as well as good company.